Mobile-first SaaS platform

Cycle: 6

Mobile and CRM platform to help telcos get real time data and analytics on point of sales performance.

Winshot has developed a mobile and web platform that connects eld workforces to their headquarter managers to streamline communication, increase team productivity, and optimize retail store performance.

Winshot is a web and mobile application that provides real- time 360° analytics of every point of sale. The platform allows HQ managers to communicate with their eld workforce and in- store managers and broadcast their action plans instantly. It also provides follow-up in-store visits, collects in-store photos and video-based data and visualizes their data on a dashboard.

Winshot targets telecom operators, smartphone distributors, mobile phone suppliers and retailers in Africa and Middle East.

Walid Mzoughi, Co-Founder & CEO

Walid Mzoughi has over 10 years’ experience as a sales representatives’ teams’ manager with a demonstrated experience in the eld operational activities in the FMCG industry in North Africa.

Walid has always had a taste for challenges and cultivated an agile mindset on developing and implementing innovative solutions.

Hela Gasbi, Co-founder & CTO
Ala Mokran, Co-founder &Technical Head
Amjed Bouhouch, Co-founder &Technical Head