TAEF invests directly to support Tunisia’s growing microfinance sector and thus to increase access of micro-entrepreneurs to capital.
TAEF tailors investments in MFIs to meet the specific needs of each with a mix of debt, equity, and technical assistance. TAEF has invested in three of Tunisia’s microfinance institutions, each with a different focus.


Amount invested : 1M$
Company Name: Taysir
Sector of activity: Microfinance
Company website: https://www.taysir.com.tn

Taysir was the first microfinance joint stock company to obtain Ministry of Finance approval. It launched its operations in June 2014 and targeted its services to the rural zones and the popular areas of the grand Tunis. Taysir finances and supports revenue generated activities with an orientation towards those sponsored by the young and women.

When TAEF exited from Taysir in 2018, the institution had financed more than 2500 people.

To better access its clients, Taysir has deployed mobile agencies, mobile banking and new technologies. It makes a team of young advisors available to micro-entrepreneurs for technical assistance and advice.

With TAEF’s loan in 2015, Taysir was able to open more agencies and to grow its client portfolio of microenterprises.

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CFE (Centre Financier aux Entrepreneurs) Tunisia

Amount invested: 17.6MTND (including equity, debt and technical assistance)
Company Name: CFE Tunisie
Sector of activity: Microfinance
TAEF INVESTMENT TYPE: Debt, equity, and technical assistance

CFE Tunisie is a microfinance institution created in 2015 with the objectives of providing access to professional and financial services to micro and small entrepreneurs and to contributing to a sustainable prosperity. CFE is dedicated to the emergence of the private sector and to enhancing life conditions of Tunisians.

CFE Tunisie was created by Développement international Desjardins (part of Mouvement Desjardins, a Canadian financial services cooperative and the largest federation of credit unions in North America) and Africinvest.

Since then, other prominent local and international institutional investors joined CFE’s shareholding including Proparco (the arm of Agence Française de Développement (AFD) dedicated to private sector that support sustainable development), TAEF and Attijari Sicar.

CFE Tunisie continues to expand throughout Tunisia, establishing new branches to better reach the country’s microentrepreneurs.


Amount invested : 15MDT
Company Name: Enda Tamweel
Sector of activity: Microfinance
Company website: http://www.endatamweel.tn/

Enda Tamweel is a Tunisian micro-finance company approved by the Ministry of Finance on December 31, 2015. Created by the non-governmental organization Enda Inter-Arab, a pioneer in the micro-finance sector in Tunisia, Enda Tamweel aims to promote economic and social inclusion of vulnerable populations (including women, youth, and rural populations) and contribute to the country’s economic development.

In particular, it works to promote entrepreneurship and thus contributes to the national effort to promote the self-employment of young people and women in disadvantaged neighborhoods and rural areas.

As a leader in the sector, Enda Tamweel offers its customers diversified services and lines of credit tailored to the needs of each type of micro-entrepreneur through a network of 93 branches spread throughout the country. Through its close collaboration with the Enda Inter-Arab Association, it also offers them training; coaching and marketing support activities that help them improve their skills (know-how and skills). Thus, it helps them to perpetuate their micro-enterprises and allows them to improve their living conditions as well as those of their family.

Since its creation, Enda has supported more than 800.000 projects.

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