A unique investment approach

Investment approach

TAEF provides financing to the underserved segments of the SME market and focuses on :




Small and mid cap SMEs


High Growth Startups


Large cap SMEs

  • TAEF funds enterprises throughout their life cycle from start-up and early stage to growth and maturity.
  • TAEF seeks financial returns and development impact in terms of geographic distribution and employment, especially for youth and women.
  • TAEF employs a customized and innovative SME financing mechanism combining equity, debt and mezzanine finance as well as through technical assistance grants.

TAEF seeks financial returns, growth development and social impact in all line of business :

  • Formal & informal microbusinesses.
  • Small to mid-cap traditional & family owned SMEs.
  • Innovation, technology and knowledge driven startups.
  • Large cap SMEs through different investment approaches.