What is our mission ?

TAEF was established to:

  • Support the Tunisian economy following the Tunisian revolution
  • Expand economic and employment opportunities throughout the country
  • Catalyze investments and promote broad economic growth
  • Strengthen small and medium enterprises, improving prospects for sustainable growth

TAEF objectives

  • Financial sustainability and returns
  • New and stable employment
  • Investments throughout the country with a focus on the interior regions
  • Strong support to women and young entrepreneurs

Our vision

  • A leading innovative financier and a committed partner with a hands-on approach
  • An inclusive driving force for SME growth
  • An investor through the whole lifecycle of the SMEs

TAEF commits to conduct itself with transparency and integrity, adhering to the highest standards of ethical behavior, corporate governance and to act in full compliance with laws and regulations.

Funding – Source

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) funds TAEF and provides oversight.

Funding – Amount

TAEF is fully funded at $100 million.

Funding – Term

The fund will continue to actively invest through 2028.
A period of investment exits and fund wind-down will follow.

TAEF Milestones