Cycle: Pre-series A
Website: https://gomycode.com/TN-FR/home

GoMyCode is an educational platform that trains talents on the newest technologies and connects them with tech opportunities around the world.

GoMyCode has started a new concept; a blended experience that allows people to learn the newest technologies in the best ways possible. By building their own content from scratch, they have optimized the flow, created different learning styles and exercises. Attached to it a learning platform giving interactive courses with hands-on practice, challenges, and project creation, a personalized learning method, and support both online and in real life at any given moment.

The platform is integrated with skills assessment, a course library that can match any level to maintain a learning path that suits the student.
It is personalized which means that it is tailored to the needs of the student by offering multiple learning styles.

It is cost-effective and this by offering effective short learning paths and tracks which leads to faster product development and higher employee retention.
It is easy to access anywhere, anytime, and from almost any device. The global IT training market was worth US$ 64.6 Billion in 2018.

Information technology (IT) training comprises imparting knowledge and skills related to the development, application, implementation, design, and management of computer-based systems.

The market is expected to reach $ 91.7 Billion by 2024, expanding at a CAGR of around 6% during 2019-2024

Yahya Bouhlel, Co-Founder & CEO

Yahya started developing technology products by himself at the age of 13 and was recruited by a Silicon Valley startup “Make School” at the age of 16 for summer internships (Summer 2014 and Summer 2015).
Then, he interned at “UPGRADED” as a product manager. Back in Tunisia, he decided to create a coding school that takes the spirit and energy of Silicon Valley.

Amine Bouhlel, Co-founder & Chairman