Presentation of the company

Gourmandise is a brand that was created in 1976 by Madame Kamoun, in Sfax.
Today the brand has 15 own outlets and 13 franchises.

Gourmandise is specialized in high-end European and Tunisian pastry, savory bites , delicatessen, chocolate and catering service.

Like the Haute Couture Houses, Gourmandise presents each year a high-end collection at the forefront of global trends in flavors and tastes.

Gourmandise is a leader in the Tunisian market, thanks to the quality of its products and the services it offers to its B to C and B to B customers.

Gourmandise is the only brand in North Africa that is certified ISO 22000/9001, in the production activity as well as in its distribution network.

Gourmandise is the only brand in Tunisia that offers such a wide range of products and services to customers in stores and on the website.