Solution cloud gaming

Cycle: 6

Cloud-based gaming solution to play any game, on any platform anytime and anywhere

Gridnex provides subscribers with the possibility to play any cloud-based game, from any browser, at any time, and on any device. Users have on-demand access to games through Gridnex’s subscription-based games portal.

Dubbed as the “Netflix of Gaming”, Gridnex has developed a web portal with a games catalog that allows users to select their favorite games on the cloud and play them from any device even without the required hardware, and without any installation or additional costs.

Gridnex targets mainly the time-filler gamers, telecoms and media companies in the MENA region and Asia.

Savvas Konstantinou Co-Founder & CEO– Prior to Gridnex, Savvas Konstantinou was a project engineer in CSP in British sovereign bases in Cyprus. Before joining CSP, Savvas was a project manager in PCC Bahrain where he oversaw and managed many construction projects.

Nabil Youssef, Co-Founder
Karim Hajjar, Co-Founder