FinTech platform

Cycle: 6
Website: https://we-settle.com

Fintech helping SMEs manage their invoices digitally and instantly collect payments electronically.

WeSettle is a Fintech startup that helps SMEs manage their invoices digitally and allows them to instantly collect payments electronically. Intelligent Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology is used to generate a payment from an invoice picture or document.

WeSettle helps micro, small, and medium enterprises better manage their invoices digitally and allows them to collect payments electronically through integrated API within banks’ online portals, mobile applications, and bank cards. WeSettle also allows entreprises to monitor their invoices
and payment status in real-time automatically.

WeSettle targets the MSMEs and banking actors in the MENA region.

Wael Moula, Co-Founder & CEO

Wael Moula is the main co-founder of We-Settle. He holds more than 10 years of international experience in nancial services and capital markets. Wael has worked on several projects onsite and remotely and occupied different roles from development to management in the nancial sector.

Mohamed Jerbi, Co-Founder- Chairman
Naima Moula, Co-Founder-COO
Jeremie Lambelin, Co-Founder- CFO