Unik Chic

Fashion Design Accelerator

Cycle: 6
Website: https://www.unikchic.com

Fashion Designer Accelerator program and online marketplace helping fashion designers grow their business online.

Unik Chic is a fashion accelerator in partnership with major textile stakeholders that supports upcoming fashion designers with the tools, skills and network to launch and grow their brand.

Unik Chic’s online marketplace aims to promote premium luxury fashion designers and help them distribute their products in and outside of Tunisia.
Unik Chic is an accelerator program dedicated to fashion designers who want to grow their brands.

Unik Chic provides critical training in E-commerce, Luxury Management, Marketing strategy, and Leadership to its designers. Designers will be able to showcase and sell their collections in Unik Chic’s online marketplace or in pop-up and concept stores.

Samia Mbarek Founder & CEO – With more than 10 years of expertise in the fashion industry, Samia worked as a project manager for Fashion Sourcing Tunisia. She was also the director of Salam Creation and the co-founder of Alisha Studio.