Powered SaaS platform

Cycle: 6
Website: http://unfrauded.com

AI powered SaaS platform helping auto-insurance companies detect fraud
Unfrauded’s software allows insurance companies to detect fraud patterns by evaluating whether compensation claims are representative of the actual losses suffered.

Unfrauded is a SAAS platform and a mobile application that assess the damage done to a car from a photo-based claim using AI models. It allows insurance companies to estimate repair costs and detect fraud patterns.

Taha Cabani Co-Founder & CEO– Taha Cabani is a software engineer taking his rst steps in entrepreneurship with ENACTUS. Taha started his career as a consultant with several banks and insurance companies working on risk assessment strategies which led him to launch Unfrauded and help nancial institutions minimize their losses due to fraud and better analyze business risks.

Kamilia Naili, Co-Founder & CBDO
Nader Somrani, Co-Founder & CTO
Jlassi Abderahmen, Co-Founder & Chief Application Architect Officer