Hard/Soft Solution

Cycle: 1
Website: http://www.wattnow.io/

An IOT energy management solution for businesses and households.

Wattnow is an IoT Energy Management Solution that measures real-time consumption using a device connected to a cloud-based dashboard.

Wattnow’s solution helps businesses and households visualize their consumption in real-time and thus reduce their electricity consumption. This is assured through hardware coupled with a cloud-based platform. The startup charges an initial installation fee that includes the hardware cost. A monthly fee per device is then applied to get access to the web dashboard and the related analytics. A paying in-depth report can be generated upon request.

Industries with low margins’ need for cost-cutting measures: In some industries with razor sharp margins, like retail, utility cost-cutting is a direct way to increase profits, hotels as well. in Tunisia before expanding to the rest of the continent and MENA region.

Issam Smaali CEO, M.Sc. in electrical engineering and computer science, spent 3 years as a Systems Design engineer in a startup specialized in car telematics. An electronics geek, he founded a robotics club, produced research on Robotics Platforms, and worked on several embedded systems projects in the last 7 years. Issam graduated from the Founder Institute entrepreneurship program and was one of the winners of the Bloomasters competition.