Cycle: 2

Matchmaking platform that connects homeowners with verified contractors for their home improvement and repair projects, from the conception phase to the finishing phase.

The platform helps projects from the conception phase (architecture, planning, studies) to the finishing phase (painting, plaster work, carpentry, etc.), offering advice and qualified contractors for each project either through their marketplace or e-construction service

Chantier Marketplace: Any homeowner needing a professional fill a form on the platform. The team then contacts them to verify their request and collect further information about the project. The verified lead is shared with four specialized professionals who contact the homeowner to offer their services.
Chantier E-construction: Chantier manages the entire renovation projects from its study to its after sales service, which guarantees the quality of the service and compliance with deadlines. They offer a digital solution for their clients.

Chantier’s target market is the construction and home renovation market for individuals. The size of this market in Tunisia alone represents 5.2 billion dinars per year. The focus on individuals allows targeting a very restructured market.

Moufid Ben Hmida CEO holds a degree from the Higher Institute of Computer science. Before founding Chantier, he co-founded with his actual co-founder Shady Achouri, a startup called e-devis, the experience provided them with a better understanding of the market and helped them to succeed in Chantier.

Shady Achouri, CTO & co-founder.