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Cycle: 2
Website: https://www.tawtaw.co

Tawtaw is a Food Delivery mobile application on Tunis that delivers homemade dishes with fresh ingredients.

Tawtaw is a mobile delivery application for homemade dishes with fresh and seasonal ingredients ordered in 3 clicks and delivered in 35 minutes. It handles everything in-house from cooking to orders and deliveries. Tawtaw stands out from the rest of the competition with a simple promise: healthy homemade meals quickly delivered.

Tawtaw offers to its users the possibility to register, have an account, discover the available homemade food, the different lunch formulas and even a set of homemade grocery products, order their favorite meals online or choose to pay on delivery, choose the time slot that suits them, consult the history of their orders, ask for an invoice if they need one and finally get their order in less than one hour.

Tawtaw targets young working adults that are looking for more balanced meals that guarantee hygiene and quality. The platform also offers a solution for business employees and a catering option for businesses.

Aziz Ben Chedli, Founder & CEO, obtained in 2012 a master’s degree in economics of Information and Communications in Montpellier, France. He has more than 3 years’ experience in supply chain management in the multinational company Alstom. He also has multiple other experiences before founding PtitChef in 2016 which pivoted to Tawtaw in 2019.