Echo Aero

Disrupting aircraft interiors

Cycle: 1

A web-based platform that enables airplane cabin digitization, reconfiguration, and certification.

Echo streamlines aircraft cabin design, reconfiguration, and certification issues for the aeronautics industry. It is a web-based platform that effortlessly enables B2B interactions around airplane cabin digitization and certification.

Echo’s team has developed a platform dedicated to the aircraft cabin universe. It gathers in it all the cabin stakeholders and works as an online collaborative space for cabin design, configuration and validation, making it easier to generate smart cabin configuration layouts and to stream cabin activities.

Echo is targeting big actors in the aeronautics industry. In fact, it has signed multiple NDAs with Airbus, Lufthansa, and Diehl Aviation revealing a strong interest in Echo’s platform.

Amin Laaroussi is A computer engineering graduate; Amin began his career in the aeronautical world. Project Manager at Zodiac Group, Airbus, and Air France, he developed 3D-CAD model automation solutions and their integration to which he filed an international patent. He then worked in the world of certification and reconfiguration of aircraft to digitize aircraft cabins. In 2015, he built a team to create the first web portal for the modification, customization, and innovation of aircraft cabins.