Streaming Platform

Cycle: 4

An online streaming platform for movies and series from the Maghreb.
Artify is a hybrid Video on Demand (VOD) and Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD) streaming platform for Maghrebin content.

Artify provides more than 300 different productions ranging from movies, documentaries, theater plays and TV Shows. Users can access this content either through a Pay-Per-View (VOD) model where they pay TND 3 to access a movie for 48h or alternatively, go for the Monthly Subscription (SVOD)
that provides full access for 8 TND per month.

Artify is targeting people in the Maghreb region with access to internet and the Maghrebin diaspora, that yearn for local content. The size of Artify target is estimated to be around 46,5 million users.

Yahia Mgarrech, Co-founder & CEO– Yahia holds a degree in computer engineering and is a gradute of ESPRIT private school. He previously worked in a Sartup in Paris which managed to raise 2.4M euros. Yahia then decided tocome back toTunisia to launch his startup.

Omar Machat, Co-Founder