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Cycle: 4
Website: https://taderok.com/

Smart education books for children between 5 and 12 years old to help them learn while having fun

Taderok is a smart study aid books publisher for children looking to improve in class and assist parents in monitoring their progress through a dedicated mobile application. Taderok offers a rich catalog of smart study aid books that are all adapted to the national and French education programs and created by a dedicated team of teachers and education experts.

Students and parents can visit the Taderok website where they can nd a full range of study aid books in English, French, and Arabic according to the different education levels all approved by the Ministry of Education and upgraded by the teachers in the team. All the smart study aid books help students

improve their skills through a mobile app that brings courses to life with audio and augmented reality.

Taderok aims to support the parents of schoolchildren and students in the Maghreb and in French-speaking African countries who share the same educational program and curriculum.

Ahmed Dhieb, co-founder & CEO– Ahmed holds a degree from the National School of Engineering in Gabès. Being from a family of teachers and educators in Sfax and noticing the lack of quality education content, he and his brother decided to launch their company.

Anoir dhieb, Co-Founder & CMO