Farm Trust

Market place for fruits and vegetables

Cycle: 4

B2C and B2B online marketplace and delivery for fresh produce and groceries

Farm Trust is an e-commerce website selling organic and non-organic fruits and vegetables directly from farmers and delivering them to the customers’ door.

Farm Trust follows a strict selection process of the product making sure the items are non-toxic, fresh, and tasty. They are developing a Blockchain solution to guarantee traceability from the moment the produce is harvested to the end customer scanning the QR code. Farm Trust has developed an effective logistics chain to guarantee freshness and time efficiency thanks to a dedicated central warehouse, a network of logistics partners, and relay points.

Farm Trust has a website with a wide selection of organic and non-organic fruits and vegetables selected from over 420 farmers. Farm Trust offers the full traceability of all products and certi es organic fruit and vegetables through a dedicated blockchain solution and allows local farmers to become pre-certi ed organic farmers by following their standards.

Farm Trust focuses on selling to B2B accounts but can also deliver to consumers that want to eat fresh produce.

Anis Mezghani, Co-Founder & CEO

Anis worked at the United Nation Headquarters and as an outreach coordinator with the incubator StartUp FIU. He graduated with honors from Florida International University and Skema Business School with a dual degree in Management and Entrepreneurship.

Wassim Khiari, COO