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Cycle: 5
Website: https://wantotrip.net

International travel booking platform that connects travel community leaders with like-minded individuals to travel on amazing trips.

Wantotrip is a travel-tech startup that offers a new revenue stream for the different tourism stakeholders and community leaders to organize a one-of-a-kind thematic travel experience through its pre-designed trips made available.

Wantotrip mainly designs a catalogue of trips made available for content creators.

Their platform enables content creators to select pre-designed thematic experiences that are fit for their communities of followers, to promote their confirmed trips, and to track applications. It also offers end users to navigate a list of trips from which they can choose to live a unique experience with like-minded individuals.

Wantotrip converts the arising trend of social media content creation to a new market opportunity for the tourism industry by bridging influencers with their followers.

Chahrazed Remadi, CEO: Travel Blogger “Mak&Cha Tunisian Backpackers around the world” with a community of 60K follower on instagram.

Makrem Hermassi, COO