Cycle: 5
Website: https://sqoin.us

An internal Payment System helping companies with high frequency micro-payments to considerably reduce transaction fees.

Sqoin has built an internal payment system (IPS) that allows businesses to save up to 85% in transaction fees by using Sqoin’s tokens. The startup has also developed a software package for NGOs that enables traceable and transparent donations between stakeholders. For commissions’ savings to be achieved, Versa IPS offers a set of complementary features (these features are also offered in WeShareish project, that they enhanced with paper voucher transaction
capabilities, and data dashboards) :

– Smart Contract Manager: It allows businesses to manage tokens and balances.
– Wallet Manager: It helps businesses track these balances and manage transactions.
– Cash-in/Cash-out system: It allows businesses to buy & sell tokens.
– Dashboard: It’s a monitoring tool that provides real-time analytics about cash-in/cash-out transactions.

Sqoin was targeting startups and small businesses in Europe and Africa with high frequency micropayments that have seen their profits get squeezed by commissions. Recently, Sqoin started targeting NGOs thanks to “WeSharish”, a VERSA-based solution that allows for secured & traceable money-transfers

Bacem Bergaoui, CEO– Bacem Bargaoui is a seasoned entrepreneur with 13 years’ experience working in the computer software industry leading teams and managing teams. Through Sqoin, the team he is leading aims to become the top blockchain and cryptocurrency company in Africa.

Mohamed Ali Belajouza, CBO