Cycle: 4
Website: https://www.tap4glam.com

On-demand beauty and cosmetic services for the Maghreb region

Tap4glam.com is an innovative solution for booking beauty and wellness services at home, for companies, or during events. The platform also provides beauty packages to large companies and has already secured partnerships with major cosmetic brands and dedicated events like the Tunis Fashion Week.

Tap4glam offers a mobile app and a web platform that allows users to book an appointment on the date and at the desired time and Tap4Glam will send a “glam expert” who matches their location, availability, and preferences. Tap4glam offers a variety of services ranging from haircuts, makeup, pedicure, and massages.

Tap4glam focuses primarily on the beauty care sector in the MENA region. Tap4Glam’s customers are B2C consumers but also B2B accounts wishing to offer Tap4Glam services to their employees.

Maya Touati, Founder & CEO– Maya studied management at IHEC Carthage. Her passion for fashion and beauty led her to create Maya Swim, the first 100% Tunisian swimsuit brand and AYAM, a ready to-wear brand for active women. In 2018, she decided to launch Tap4Glam, the first platform for booking beauty services on-demand in North Africa.