Hardware / Software

Cycle: 5

A Marketplace linking CNC, Laser Machines and 3D printer owners with designers and end users

SeekMake has developed a platform connecting machine owners with a community of designers and creators. Machine owners with under-utilized printers can connect to the platform to nd customers and generate additional revenues. The marketplace matches demand for CNC machines with users on a fully secured platform protecting any designs submitted.

Seekmake allows anyone to safely upload their design to the platform. The request is sent to the network of machines owners and matched with the nearest and cheapest machine operator. The project is built and delivered to the user in less than 36 hours. SeekMake provides machines owners with a dashboard where they receive users’ requests, monitor their work in progress, and track their revenues.

SeekMake targets students, architects, designers, and machines owners looking to create designs and build their prototypes.

Adel Ayari CEO– Adel is a 23-year-old Tunisian entrepreneur, he is an Aeronautical engineer in the Tunisian Army trained as a mechanical and manufacturing expert. Before launching SeekMake, he founded two other startups.