Junior Robotic Lab

Education / Robotics

Cycle: 5
Website: http://junioroboticslab.co/

A cloud-based platform that helps schools to teach robotics and coding in their classrooms.

Junior Robotics Lab is committed to providing a one-stop solution for STEM education to foster 21stCentury skills in kids by enabling them to tinker with electronics, robotics, coding, AI, and related tech at an early age. The Startup offers a dedicated curriculum with rich content for any educational

Junior Robotics Lab provides a complete online tool for any educational institution to teach robotics, managing workflow between the various stakeholders: school management, teachers, and students.

The teacher can manage the classroom effortlessly even without a robotics background.

Students get an interactive robotics lesson with various content going from videos, 3D animations, real-world problems to coding tasks and challenges.

Besides the point curriculum, the startup is developing its own robotics hardware kit enabling its post pandemic partners to enjoy a low cost full JRL solution.

Junior Robotic Lab is targeting private schools, training centers as well as private clubs.

Atef Ben Bekri Co-founder & CEO– Atef has been a computer science teacher in a public school and an International Robotics Judge. He created in 2015 an educational robotics lab for kids. His team won the national competition of robotics 3 years in a row which allowed them to compete at the World Robot Olympiads.

Sami Turki, Co-founder & CMO