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Fierce is an athleisure clothing and lifestyle brand that specializes in sportswear and activewear.

Fierce designs, creates, and manufactures high-end fitness wear that is both stylish and functional.

Fierce’s vision is to empower women by making them feel confident, beautiful, and comfortable. It is an inclusive brand for all shapes and sizes, where well-being and body positivity are at its core. The startup has a community of sharers, shakers, and shapers that support the brand by happily sharing their pictures and videos wearing its garments, boosting considerably its brand equity. Building on this, the startup believes there is a place to take to be the leading sportswear and activewear brand in the MENA region.

The startup boasts an eco-friendly manufacturing process, where unsold items are upcycled, generating as little waste as possible. Fatma has built her business with the idea of using recycled fabrics made of plastic bottles, and the company aims to produce all of its sportswear using at least 70% recycled fabrics by the end of 2023.