AI Diagnosis Vision

medical imagery

Cycle: 6

AI powered medical imagery platform helping dentists improve diagnostic and care

AI Diagnosis Vision is software that provides medical doctors, public hospitals, or private clinics with an accurate and early diagnosis of anomalies, a 3D construction of X-Ray images, and a treatment plan.

AI Diagnosis Vision is an AI-powered platform that allows the diagnosis of pathology from dental panoramic X-rays thanks to its deep learning and image processing algorithms. This provides physicians with an advanced assessment tool in oral and dental pathology, allowing more accurate results and faster intervention time than with standard panoramic X-Rays, and preventing any expensive or extensive measures such as scanner or biopsy.

AI Diagnosis Vision targets dentists, public hospitals, and private of ces in the MENA region.

Saoussen Ayari Co-Founder & CEO– Saoussen Ayari is a dentist from the University of Dentistry of Monastir. She was named laureate of the year 2019 in Tunisia. She is also a member of the association TADS (Tunisian Association of Students in Dental Medicine).

Koussai Barhoumi, Co-founder & COO
Anoir Nechi, Co-founder & CTO