Biolive Company
(The Domaine of Segermès)

Agribusiness (Olive oil)


Biolive is an exporting company, created in 2014 by Mounir BOUSSETTA and based in Bouachir, near Zriba, Zaghouan Governorate.

Biolive has an olive mill that allows to offer an ultra-organic premium olive oil, stainless steel silos with nitrogen and two bottling units (a vegetable canning section and a table olive section).

The core business of Biolive is the cultivation of olive trees in an area of 300 Ha and the production, storage, bottling and export of organic bottled olive oil. It has a production capacity of 100 tons of olive oil. It actually employs 6 full-time workers and 100 seasonal workers during the harvest season. Its olive oil was awarded major international olive oil distinctions.

The company offers different sizes of bottled organic olive oil :

– Chemlali Olive oil
– Chetoui olive oil
– Olive oil with clementine
– Olive oil with lemon

The products comply with European organic standards requirements.


Biolive Company ( The Domaine of Segermès)


Agribusiness (Olive oil)

Amount invested

358 000 USD


Mezzanine debt and acquisition of a minority equity stake