Cheers at 10!
On October 27, the TAEF celebrated its 10th anniversary. Ten years is an important milestone.
Over the past decade, we have supported #entrepreneurs, created and maintained over thousands of jobs, promoted the interior, empowered women and youth while taking a social perspective, Environmental and responsible for our investments. We have fostered financial innovation by launching new products, trusting new institutions and businesses, and stimulating the growth of SMEs, start-ups and micro-entrepreneurs.
Make a #positive impact on lives, entrepreneurs, the ecosystem and Tunisia.
As we have completed an undergraduate program and have invested almost all of the $100 million USAID-funded allocation, today we begin the next phase of our trip. Tunisian entrepreneurs at heart, we are leading the next decade with perseverance and determination to feed the #social and economic growth in Tunisia
We thank the community, partners, contractors, advisors, board members and the TAEF team for their achievements, performance and impact. You have been, are and will be the engine of our success!
A selection of some photos of the event.