TAEF organized, in its premises, an initiation training on « Design Thinking » for the “Fellows” (from the 1st edition and the 2nd edition) led by Mrs. Aida Robbana.
Design thinking is an approach of innovation and its management which aims to be a synthesis between analytical thought and intuitive thinking. It relies heavily on a process of co-creativity involving feedback from the end user.
This process, called “Design Thinking”, was developed at Stanford in the 1980s by Rolf Faste, based on the work of Robert McKim. Contrary to analytical thinking, Design Thinking is a set of spaces that intersect rather than a linear process with a beginning and an end.

The idea is to give to the students the necessary tools to think differently and to try to apply them during their internship at the company and in their professional and personal life.

Aida Robbana
Head of the Resident Coordinator Office

Aida Robbana has a MA of the Institute of the High studies of Carthage (Institut des Hautes Etudes commerciales, IHEC) as well as a PhD on international Economy and Management from the University of Paris IX Dauphine, France.

Before joining the United Nations in Tunis, she worked as a senior economist at Eurostats in Paris during three years, then for 7 years in an Office of Urban planning Studies in Tunisia.

She has joined the United Nations in Tunis in 2002 as a coordination Officer then Head at the office of the Resident Coordinator, where she takes care of the follow-up and the implementation of the operations and programs of the United Nations Agencies in Tunisia with the Tunisian government.