Mohamed Malouche

Treasurer TAEF – US member

Mr. Mohamed Malouche is a member of the board of the Tunisian American Enterprise Fund and Chairs the board of the Tunisian American Young Professionals (TAYP), a diaspora association seeking to increase economic cooperation, ties and exchanges between Tunisia and the United States. He has been providing economic counsel to important governmental actions related to innovation and entrepreneurship, in particular a US-Tunisia partnership for the promotion of technology innovation, and several programs to enhance young Tunisian entrepreneurs’ soft skills. He is a frequent speaker in numerous US-Tunisia conferences including at the State Department, Clinton Global Initiative, World Bank and in media such as CNN or NPR.  Previously, Mr. Malouche served as President of TAYP.

Mr. Malouche is a Partner with Deloitte Afrique with 20 years of experience in designing and implementing public sector modernization programs, large transformational programs in economic growth / private sector development and local governance/service delivery programs. Prior to joining Deloitte Afrique, Mr. Malouche was a Director with Deloitte Consulting and a Principal with American Management Systems. In 2002, Mr. Malouche founded PromoTunisia which offers cultural trips to Tunisia, and turned it into an advisory firm supporting US companies seeking to expand in North Africa.

Mr. Malouche has a Masters in Information Systems from Telecom Paris Sud in France, and a Masters in Telecom from University of Michigan. He is a native Arabic and French speaker and fluent in English.