Taysir is born out of a strong willingness to contribute in strengthening Tunisia, convinced of each citizen potential to respond to its own needs while building a real wealth for its country. This is the conviction that brought me to Taysir and which gives me the necessary energy to overcome daily challenges.

Since I have joined Taysir by end of 2015, I have a strong belief that our institution has its place in Tunisia of today. The current society is being more and more aware of the paid employment limits in the public sector. The strength is to realize that very often, the young people have been lulled in this ambition.

Nowadays “small jobs” are not highly considered in the eyes of our fellow citizens, but their value and their economic force are enormous. Then, by giving to all the entrepreneurs the necessary financial and non-financial tools for their success, we like to work in changing the mentalities and to revalue work. In the light of this, I salute all the clients that I had the privilege to meet and who have let me see the Tunisia of tomorrow.

My first willingness in integrating Taysir was to provide the same chances to each project owner, men or women, to develop his or her activity, by bringing a special attention to the most vulnerable population like the one in remote areas, the young and women. Support programs are specially designed for the ones who are less than 35 years who dream to become an entrepreneur, but also organizing meetings between women entrepreneurs, or helping craftswomen to market their products during fairs…our engagement with those who undertake is multiple.
I am aware that everybody does not start in the active life with the same predispositions, this is because one’s personal journey, living space or the gender male/female one belongs to. This is especially the case for women, who according to certain social codes, must do more in the everyday life.

I stay convinced that it is with the power of work and the struggle for equality that we will find the strength to come out of the stereotypes and the social pressure that surrounds us so that each one of us can realize its ambitions professional and personal and that without sacrificing one or the other.

For my personal path, equality between men-women is such an evidence that I have often the impression that my environment adheres to, probably more correctly, there is a certain natural selection which is at work. Today, at the head of an important institution of microfinance in Tunisia, I encourage all those who wish to achieve to get out of the cleavage personal/professional life and to go beyond the stereotypes in a so called modern world. That is why in Taysir, I defend the idea that either man or woman can have the right to succeed with the same access to financial means and team’s benevolent advices.

By being a woman entrepreneur leading such a great institution, I would like to add that, the mix of genders in my team and at all levels, is an undeniable added value.