Ahlem Ayachi

Office Manager

Mrs. Ahlem Ayachi is the Office Manager responsible for administration and organization of both the TAEF and SME consulting company offices and for HR support. Mrs. Ayachi brings 25 years of experience in administration, management and work with the public.

Prior to joining TAEF, Ms. Ayachi worked as an Entry Clearance Assistant and Interpreter at the visa section of the British Embassy in Tunis. She also served as an Exams Coordinator at the British Council overseeing the administration of school, professional, educational, IELTS and ESOL Examinations, and promoting the exams through meetings and presentations to corporate clients, schools and universities. Mrs. Ayachi also worked at British Airways Tunis.

Mrs. Ayachi has a Bachelor Degree in combined languages, specifically English- Russian, from the Bourguiba Institute of Modern Languages. She is fluent in Arabic, French, and English and has a good knowledge of Russian.