TASME – 100% TAEF Fund

TASME’s innovative investment mechanism is tailored to the needs of mid-sized entrepreneurs with growing enterprises.
TASME backs high growth potential entrepreneurs bringing innovation in their field (new products, new technology, innovation in their sector, etc.).

TASME financing

  • Combines equity and a mezzanine debt
  • Aligns interest by combining a prefixed remuneration and a performance fee (variable remuneration indexed to the performance of the company)

TASME at a glance

TASME’s investment model, adapted from that of Business Partners International in South Africa, tailors investments to the specific situation and needs of each entrepreneur by combining relatively small equity, shareholders’ account and performance fees.

This approach of mezzanine & revenue capital finance is attractive for SME entrepreneurs who run and manage family-owned businesses and are reluctant to bring in outside equity investment that would dilute their shareholding or force a liquidity event. It is also attractive to SME entrepreneurs with growing businesses who are unable to meet bank collateral and guarantee requirements for lines of credit and working capital needs.

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