Repair services

Cycle: 4

Digital Platform offering repair marketplace with a large repairer network.

TrustiT is the first network of trusted repairers in Tunisia that provides particulars and companies with a marketplace of repair and facility management services. It ensured to its customers approved repairers & service centers that provide free diagnoses of their electronic devices and repair with speed and confidentiality providing a legal guarantee & logistic services with real-time tracking.

TrustiT provides a complete solution that ensures the efficiency of the process across its different stakeholders. The solution englobes:

A platform (Web/Mobile) for customers; through which it submits requests and follow the process till delivery.

A platform (Mobile) for certified repairs: to manage requests and optimize the process.

A platform (Web) for the team to the whole process management TrustiT ensures the process through home or relay points pickups to final home delivery.

It launched a new version of the website + 2 Mobile apps with better UI/UX by their tech partner AURAX in July 2020.

The local repair market is worth TND 120M with +10M of electronic devices. Besides customers, TrustiT is targeting businesses that are in need of one single trusted vis-a-vis for all their repair needs. It is a segment that provides more stability to the startups in terms of cash flow and forecasts. Resellers and constructors SAV (after-sales services) is the next levels to target.

Mohamed Amine Ouni, Founder & CEO– Mohamed Amine is an IT Engineer by training and an Entrepreneurship and Innovation expert with involvements in many startup projects and international events such as Startup Weekends and Web days. He is also a teacher of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at ESPRIT.