Tira Robots

Industrial robots


Cycle: 3
Website: http://tirarobots.com/

Cost-effective industrial robots for the manufacturing industry of the future
TIRA Robots builds industrial robots that can be integrated into many industries for several applications such as welding, laser cutting, handling, control and inspection.

The company is backed by years of studies in robotics integration, has sold one of its robots overseas, and is currently in talks with several Tunisian and international manufacturers to equip their production lines.

TIRA creates cost-effective 6-Axis modular industrial robots that can be used for a wide variety of industrial operations. TIRA also developed a thoughtfully designed user interface for consoles to make robot manipulation seamless and precise.

TIRA offers a solution for any company working in industry and production lines as well as universities and research centers. The company will focus on both European and emerging countries undergoing industrialization.

Wassim Ben Hmida CEO is a Robotics expert with more than 10 years of experience in robot integration and manufacturing. He founded the first Systems integrator in Tunisia collaborating with major robotics manufacturers.