Cycle: 5

Sghartoon is a Specific Learning Disabilities detection, remote treatment and follow up tool for medical professionals.

SgharToon is a learning platform that helps detect signs of educational disorders in children, puts them in contact with a specialist who uses it to monitor the child, a parental control area for monitoring and cartoons educational for children.

Sghartoon offers a digitalised tool that helps detect children with signs of educational troubles starting from 5 years old while playing interactive video games. The platform helps parents monitor the progress of their child and links them with the closest speech therapist in case of need. Medical experts are offered access to real-time performance tracking, customizable content, and access to potential patients on the platform for a subscription fee. Medical experts use the tool throughout

treatment and recommend at-home exercises to patients. Patients are free users.
Sghartoon is targeting parents of children with special needs, schools and dyslexia experts and doctors.

Hidayet Ayadi CEO– Eldest of 2 sisters,Hidayet learned responsibility from a young age. She learned IT when coming to Tunisia at the age of 16. She founded Sghartoon with a classmate and her professor to help her sister detected with dyslexia at the age of 7.

Seifeddine Ben Achour, CTO & Co-Founder
Oualid Khayati, CSO & Co-Founder