Cycle: 3

A cloud-based platform designed to help the dairy ecosystem stakeholders make accurate decisions.

MooMe is an AgTech startup that serves the different livestock farming stakeholders, optimizes the dairy cow production and helps in disease prevention via its two solutions: MooMe Farmers and MooMe Business.

MooMe offers two solutions:

– MooMe Farmers: A neck-mounted wearable sensor connected to a cloud platform (accessible via mobile or desktop). The farmer receives information on cow health, nutrition, heat, theft, and calving, therefore, helping him to better manage his livestock.
– MooMe Business: A solution targeting the different dairy ecosystem stakeholders and aiming to optimize the dairy value chain which will lead to better production of milk in terms of quantity & quality at controlled costs.

MooMe is the first Full hardware and software dairy cow monitoring platform in the MENA region with out-of-the-box deployment flexibility. In addition, MooMe has one of the most affordable and scalable solutions suitable to small and large farms in emerging markets.

Ahmed Achballah, Co-founder & CEO holds a PhD in Electronics. After graduating from Founder Institute Tunisia, he gathered a world-class team to build a company focusing on global challenges in agriculture and livestock farming.

Bassem Boujelbène Co-Founder & CFO
Mohamed Kallel, Co-Founder & CTO
Zied Chabchoub, Co-Founder & Sales / Business Dev.