Mobile application


Cycle: 3

A customer retention platform made for vendors to support their clients.

Grabingo is a digital rewarding platform that aims to solve the pain of customer loyalty for small and medium businesses through dedicated tools. The fully digitized platform offers small and medium businesses tailored loyalty programs without the use of physical cards. Unlike ordinary printed cards,
Grabingo software keeps your data safe, tracks the frequent consumption and most of all, put all your store, shops and sale points in one place.

Grabingo offers a full suite of technology to boost customer loyalty such as a dedicated web interface for small businesses to help them create tailored loyalty programs and geo-fencing and push notifications capabilities to engage with their customers through the mobile application.

Grabingo focuses on owners of small businesses like restaurants, cafés, hair dressers and bakeries and offers them customized and digitilized loyalty programs.

Mohamed Khalloufi, Founder & CEO: holds a Dual Master degree in Geographic Information Systems and Software Engineering. Before Grabingo, Mohamed founded MintIT which helps companies and startups with their digital transformation.