Mobile application


Grabingo is a loyalty mobile application that helps the shop owners to reach their customers,increase their retention rate and to deliver the best customer experience for them.
For vendors, Grabingo is providing:
•  A loyalty program
•  A live marketing tool
•  A feedback management system

Grabingo enable vendors to create a huge number of interactions with consumers.
For example, they can:
•  Provide special discount for nearby consumers
•  Send a come back notification for the absent ones
•  Create a real time game to attract them
•  Or give them a gift on their birthdays

To measure this impact, vendors have access to a dedicated dashboard that enable them to have insights on their consumers behavior and evolving consumption trends.

On the other side, consumers download the app from google play or Apple store for free
They then go to their favorite shop and get a reward code
Finally, they insert this code in the app to collect points and instantly get rewarded!

Enfin, pour être récompensé le client n’a qu’à collecter les points nécessaires et les transformer en cadeau.