Ismail Mansouri

Hello My name is Ismail Mansouri

Developing information systems
ISET Kairouan

I am just a simple guy, a “geek” from Kasserine. I got my Baccalaureate diploma from Majel bel abbes high school in my home town. Since then, I started my university studies at ISET Kairouan and now am nearly finishing my 2nd year specialized in Developing information systems.

I had my first internship at the Post office in my town where I worked on hardware maintenance. The second one was at Compass, an_It developing enterprise in Cyberpark Kairouan in which I developed a multi-user task manager android application.

I am currently the vice president of Microsoft tech club , the Ambassador of Imagine Academy and a member of the Tunisian General Union of Students (UGTE).

My love for technologies led me to try harder and harder, to be up to date in IT and in programming.

I currently work on projects specially in java and android and I love that.

” Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand.” Martin Fowler