Ahmed Bannour

Hello, I’m Ahmed Bannour,

Computer Systems Development – ISET

After graduating in 2017, I started studying at the Higher Institute of Technological Studies of Kairouan. For my first year, I followed my studies in computer technologies and I chose as a specialty the development of computer systems.

I am a member of ISET Kairouan’s Enactus Club and since October 2018 I have been Vice President, Marketing and Design. With this experience, I discovered many facets of myself and understood the possibility of having a positive impact on the world, such as my ability to fulfill my dreams.

I am aware of the importance of various internships and professional experiences in my professional career. I did my first internship at only 19 years old.

My experience in the TAEF Open Innovation Competition has been very interesting. It taught me how to use my knowledge and develop it to exploit it professionally. It is a key experience to enter the world of work and build my career.

In addition to academic studies and professional success, I think intellectual health and physical health are very important. For this, I develop my imagination by reading books of different genres and I take care of my body by practicing sports.