Large cap SMEs

TAEF invests in large cap SMEs through several innovative financing approaches.

TunInvest Croissance

TAEF found an exceptional local partner in AfricInvest, a Tunisian based private equity firm investing throughout Africa. Their Tunisian-specific fund TunInvest Croissance is targeted at mid to large sized SMEs. TAEF joined this local partner, taking a 15.5% share in the fund to diversify and increase its impact on this range of SMEs. TAEF also has the option of providing follow-on investments to any TunInvest Croissance SMEs that need additional financing to fund growth. Note that TunInvest Croissance is fully invested. Click on this link to know more:

INMA Holding

TAEF is an investor in the newly formed private equity fund INMA that targets larger Tunisian SMEs poised for growth but constrained by financing. This fund is similar to our earlier Investment in TunInvest Croissance. Investment in INMA is consistent with our strategy of partnering with local financial institutions.

Tunisian American Search Fund

TAEF has launched with Slah KOOLI an innovative investment mechanism, the Tunisian American Search Fund (TASF) operating in the large cap SMEs investment focus of TAEF.
The Search Fund model, conceived in 1983 by Dr. Irving Grousbeck professor at Harvard Business School (“HBS”), is a vehicle through which investors financially support an entrepreneur’s efforts to locate, acquire, manage, and grow a privately held company.

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Direct Investment

TAEF will make, on an opportunistic basis, direct investments in large SMEs that are poised for growth with a specific focus on social impact sectors : health, education, agribusiness, environment & renewable