TAEF supports select microfinance institutions (MFIs) regulated by the “Autorité du Contrôle de la Microfinance (ACM).”
These MFIs provide scarce loans to working Tunisian micro-entrepreneurs throughout the country.
TAEF is an active investor providing debt, equity, technical assistance and participating in the MFIs’ governance through the expertise of its board members.


Sector of Activity : Microfinance
Amount invested : 2.5M$

Taysir, first microfinance joint stock company to have obtained the Ministry of Finance agreement, has launched its operations in June 2014 with four agencies: Tunis, Béni Khalled, Kef and Siliana. Taysir aims primarily the rural zones and the popular areas of the grand Tunis. Taysir finances and supports all revenue generated activities with an orientation towards the young and the women with a project or in activity.

To date, Taysir has financed more than 2500 people and supported more than 1600.

To better access its clients, Taysir develops itself thanks to its mobile agencies, the mobile banking and new technologies. A team of young advisors are available to micro entrepreneurs and project holders to advise and orient them.

Local investors, mainly local banks, insurance companies, leasing companies and internationals namely the European Union, the “Agence Française de développement”, the QFF( the Quatari Friendship Fund ), the European Investment bank, GIZ and TAEF have supported TAYSIR activity by being conscious of its economic and social impact and by contributing to its rise and growth.

In 2015, TAEF has signed an investment contract of 2.5 millions of dollars with Taysir. This partnership allowed Taysir to open more agencies, to grow its clients portfolio and to target a larger number of small clients, of microenterprises.

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CFE (Centre Financier aux Entrepreneurs) Tunisia

Sector of activity : Microfinance
Amount invested : 12.3MTND and support in technical assistance

The CFE Tunisia has an objective of increasing the access of professional and financial services to micro and small entrepreneurs in order to contribute to a sustainable prosperity, to the emergence of the private sector and to enhance the Tunisians life conditions.

The CFE Tunisia has been put in place by the “Développement international Desjardins(DID)” and counts among his partners the group Africinvest, which like DID, acts like the promoter and the shareholder of CFE since its early beginnings.

In December 2016, the capital of CFE has welcomed Proparco, Agence Française de Développement(AFD), dedicated to the private sector intervening for more than 40 years in favor of sustainable development in 80 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Middle East.

In addition, the Canadian government through the “ Affaires mondiales Canada”, the “ Agence Française de Développement(AFD) and the international Finance Corporation (IFC), member of the World Bank group; also brings to CFE a financial support for the operation and development of the institution.

In 2018, TAEF announced the transaction closing with the company CFE ( centre financier aux entrepreneurs) related to an investment combined with debt and equity for a total amount of 12.3 million of dinars with a technical assistance support. This investment is within TAEF strategy frameworks to support the development and the financing of the microfinance sector and particularly microfinance institutions.

This second TAEF investment in the microfinance sector has an objective of sustaining microcredits portfolio growth allocated by CFE, regional development and the opening of new agencies as well as the necessary support in terms of human and technical growth.

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Sector of Activity : Microfinance
Amount invested : 15MDT

Enda Tamweel is a Tunisian micro-finance company approved by the Ministry of Finance on December 31, 2015. Created by the non-governmental organization Enda Inter-Arab, a pioneer in the micro-finance sector in Tunisia, Enda Tamweel aims to promote economic and social inclusion of vulnerable populations (including women, youth and rural populations) and contribute to the country’s economic development.

In particular, it works to promote entrepreneurship and thus contributes to the national effort to promote the self-employment of young people and women in disadvantaged neighbourhoods and rural areas.

As a leader in the sector, Enda Tamweel offers its customers diversified services and lines of credit tailored to the needs of each type of micro-entrepreneur through a network of 93 branches spread throughout the country. Through its close collaboration with the Enda Inter-Arab Association, it also offers them training; coaching and marketing support activities that help them improve their skills (know-how and skills). Thus, it helps them to perpetuate their micro-enterprises and allows them to improve their living conditions as well as those of their family.

Since its creation, Enda has supported more than 800.000 projects.

In 2019, Enda Tamweel and the Tunisan American Entreprise Fund have signed a financial agreement of 15.000.000 TND to support micro, small and medium companies.

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