SME direct

TAEF’s small & mid cap SMEs focus intends to meet the growth needs of traditional family owned SMEs through debt, equity and mezzanine financing.
TAEF designed a SME platform, the TASME, that invests directly in SMEs through an innovative financing mechanism based on performance based mezzanine products.

TASME at a glance

Early in 2015, TAEF established a platform specifically designed to invest in small mid cap SMEs : the Tunisian American SME Company (TASME).

TASME adapted an innovative financing mechanism specifically designed to meet the needs of SMEs that combines equity, debt and mezzanine financing. This financing structure injects capital, provides loans and funds growth without fundamentally impacting the shareholding structure and governance while linking TASME to the potential upside of improved SME operating performance.

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Tunisian American Search Fund

TAEF has launched with Slah KOOLI an innovative investment mechanism, the Tunisian American Search Fund (TASF) operating in the large cap SMEs investment focus of TAEF.
The Search Fund model, conceived in 1983 by Dr. Irving Grousbeck professor at Harvard Business School (“HBS”), is a vehicle through which investors financially support an entrepreneur’s efforts to locate, acquire, manage, and grow a privately held company.

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